A few words

Uncle George “ has always been a myth for my family.
He was the person and scientist, whose scientific work honoured our family, his birthplace Kymi and the entire humanity as well. For this reason we all feel proud of him.
Though he had lived abroad for years, the echo of his greatness and fame reached us, -his relatives in Greece- constantly.
I was a little girl when he passed away: thus, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet him in person.
However “I met him” through my mother’s narrations, who had the chance to live with him and his wife Mary for one year in the US. My cousins Olga, Nina and Kostaros, who also spent their childhood near them in New York, helped me outline his portrait and personality. This was my motive to create this site.
However, two more factors contributed decisively to the development of this site.
The first one was that seven years ago , I began to explore the big archive which my mother Maria Kokkori kept on her uncle George Papanicolaou.
While arranging this archive, I thought of uploading a special part of it in the Internet, so that it would be accessible to everyone.
This project was finally completed with the the precious help of Spyros Kotsakis, (nephew of Dr G. Papanicolaou), who as a professional in web development “constructed “ this site.
The second one was the fact that the year 2012, coincided with the 50th anniversary of Dr Pap’s death. During this year, a lot of interesting events took place worldwide to commemorate his contribution to mankind .
Finally, I thank my spouse Manos Tsamouras and our children Dimitris and Panos for their patience and contribution to my completing this difficult and demanding project.

Julie (Georgia) P. Kokkori