Ceremony at Kymi Folklore Museum


The ceremony that was organized by the Local department of the Association of Euboean studies in collaboration with the Educative and Cultural association of Kymi on the 50th anniversary from the death of Georgios Papanicolaou, was a great success.

This event, that was held at the Folklore Museum of Kymi on July 28th 2012, was honoured by the presence of the Deputy of Evia Mr Simeon Kedikoglou and the Vice-mayor of Kymi Mrs Areti Batsa.
During the ceremony the representative of the Association of Eyb. Studies Mr Vangelis Stamou, Mrs Giouli Kokkori-niece of G. Papanicolaou and the philologist Mrs Helen Glarou gave speeches on Dr PapAt the end a Photography and stamp exhibition devoted on Dr Pap, was inaugurated. Both the Photography and stamp-banknote exhibition were an hommage to Georgios Papanicolaou by the Greek Institution of Culture, the Greek Post Services and the Bank of Greece respectively, on the 50th anniversary from Dr Pap’s death.