His biography by Maria Kokkori



Τhe first biography of George Papanicolaou written by his niece Maria Kokkori –Papanicolaou, was released in1985 by the editions “Kedros”. It was titled: “ George Papanicolaou, through his life and work”.

George Papanicolaou has been a “Fable and Symbol for our family, a family characterized by its strong and emotional bonds”, says in the introduction Mrs. Maria Kokkori.
She continues: “I wondered if I really could transmit in this book his nature and mentality, the environment in which he was raised, his fight with his inner world and the world that surrounded him. And also his commitment to a purpose and the strange combination of sentimentality and toughness in order to reach it. All his experiences were the outcomes of an internal fight, that led him to the fulfillment of his ideal …”.




In December 2008, the English translation of this the book was released in the USA. Its English title was: “George N.Papanicolaou, Life and Cancer, The way to the Pap Test”, was published by the “Hellenic Medical Society of New York” and translated by Mrs M.Kassomenaki,