His biography by Sp. Marketos




In his introductive comments in the book “George N. Papanicolaou”, that was published in 2000, as part of the series “History of the Medicine of 20th century/ the Greek pioneers, volume I”, professor of History of Medicine, Spyros Ger. Marketos wrote:

The name of George N. Papanicolaou, the eminent Greek doctor and researcher of the 20th century who invented the “Pap test”, is found in most οf the distinguished publications of the world history of medicine.
Dr Pap, never betrayed himself in order to not be betrayed by his life. His stable destination was not a “stingy thirst” , but a system of constant values and high ideals, that kept him flourishing and creative in all periods of his career, a career resembled to Odyssey. His exemplary life and unique work, form a total of features, characterized by consistency, consequence and seamless integration”.