On his death


The then President of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Carlile, shocked by the news of the death of George Papanicolaou, made the following statement:

“The American Cancer Society and its two million volunteers mourn the loss of Dr. Papanicolaou, whose contribution to cancer control, has made it possible to fight cervical cancer effectively, in connection with the large proportion of deaths it has caused so far.
With the help of the method developed by Papanicolaou for the early diagnosis of cervical cancer, the average of this type of cancer has declined within 25 years. Having achieved one of the most significant advances in cancer research in our times, Papanicolaou won immortality as well as the eternal gratitude of all mankind.
This man promoted more than anyone else in his century, cancer research. His name will remain in history along with Pasteur and Koch as one of the immortals of Medicine.
In Greece, the Professor of Obstetrics, Nicholas Louros, shortly after the death of G. Papanicolaou, wrote in the newspaper “Kathimerini”:
“Papanicolaou, after studying the most unlikely combination, without a plan, without a specific purpose, without a planned perspective, managed by examining the waste of our organism to discover the portent of the great enemy that threatens us. This is what allows us today to apply cancer treatment at an early stage when we can detect it and thus exterminate it and cure the patient.
Papanicolaou was nοt the successor of a previous researcher who gave the first hint, as is usually the case in the evolution of science. He was the first who came up with the idea and he himself who implemented it for the interests of humanity. “