Many prestigious Institutions in Greece and abroad (Universities, Hospitals and Private clinics as well), honoured George Papanicolaou creating his bust.
Busts of Dr Pap are found in :

• Athens: Athens University Medical Faculty, Goudi,
Sculptor: Nik. Sifalakis
• Athens: Anticancer Hospital St. Savvas
Sculptor: Nik. Sifalakis
• Athens: Maternity clinic Alexandra,
Sculptor: Nik. Sifalakis
• Athens: Museum of Athens University –Plaka,
Sculptor: N. Isaris
• Athens: Maternity clinic Iaso, Maroussi,
Sculptor: Ch. Lazarakis
• Kymi: George. N. Papanicolaou Square
Sculptor : George Kalakallas
• Kos: Hippocratic Institution,
Sculptor :George Kalakalas
• Thessalonica: Hospital George Papanicolaou, Region of Thessalonica
Sculptor :George Kalakalas
• Larissa: Hospital Larissa,
Sculptor :George Kalakalas
• Arachova- Viotia: Delphi str,
Sculptor :George Kalakallas
• Volos: Hospital Volos,
Sculptor :A. Teka
• Chalkis: High Bridge Chalkis (statue)

During the unveiling ceremony of Dr Pap’s bust in the yard of the Medical faculty of Athens University on March 16th 1966, professor Dim. Eleftheriou reported: “On behalf of the Pathology Laboratory which he Dr Papanicolaou had visited honouring us and now his immovable figure is starring at, I would like to say the following: Greece has not been capable of keeping her offspring, by giving him the opportunity to become what he finally managed to be. The greek land did not have the honour to cover his body. It will however fill this gap, by setting up this austere bust granted by the Medical Faculty, from which he graduated.
If only our Faculty could create more busts, in order to pay tribute to its offsprings, such as Dr G. Papanicolaou.