Folklore Museum of Kymi


Τhe Folklore Museum of Kymi was founded in1981 by the Educational and Cultural Association of Kymi.
It is the bigger and most organised folklore museum of Evia and one of the best in this field regional museums of Greece.
Housed in privately-owned three-level neoclassic building of the end of 19th century, the museum is located in the center of Kymi. The past years it belonged to the National Bank of Greece and hosted its branch in Kymi.
The collections of the Museum, that include about 1600 objects, were composed from donations of residents, who supported and continue to support volunteerly the Museum operation.
In the first floor the visitor can see the printed material and photographs of Kymi and exhibits (documents, photographs, honorary) from the life of Dr George Papanicolaou, the great Cumean benefactor of mankind.