The Papanicolaou Hospital of Thessaloniki


At the end of World War I (1917-1918), in the place where a Hospital is nowadays located in Asvestochori Thessalonikis, the British troops built some shelters to hospitalize wounded people on the spot. After being abandonned by the British Army, these shelters were used to accommodate the “Hospital for Tuberculosis suffering patients”,(1920).
In 1966 the Hospital’s name was changed once again to : “Centre of Diseases of Thorax of Nothern Greece” (K.N.TH.B.E.). The Hospital included now new clinics: The Thorax surgery clinic, the University pulmonary, the Cardiology and ORL clinic.
In 1983,the hospital was given the name “General” and some time later “General Regional Hospital G. Papanicolaou”.
During the following years ten new clinics and departments were founded :s the Unit of Respiratory Insufficiency, the Coronary Unit of the Cardiology Clinic, the 1st and 2nd Internal Medicine Clinic, the Plastic Surgery Clinic, the Heart operation and Intensive Heart operation Unit, the Neurosurgical Clinic, the Psychiatric Clinic and the Unit of Transplantation of bone marrow (“Affection” building) . Since many years ago, another Department, he Unit for the Intensive Treatment of Burns (METHE), provides healthcare to those affected by severe burns in Nothern Greece.