Innumerable articles and all kind of publications have been released on the life and contribution of Dr Pap to mankind.
During his lifetime, but mainly after his death, the foreign press and especially the greek American press, dedicated tens of pages to the eminent Greek scientist George Papanicolaou.
On his day of death(19/2/1962), the newspaper “Eleftheron vima “ wrote :
“Professor George Papanicolaou has been an internationally distinguished personality in the medical and biological research, especially in the anticancer fight and the sector of cytology, for the last fourty years. He has also founded a scientific speciality, the “Exfoliative cytology”. During his lifetime he enjoyed international fame while his students continue his scientific work in many countries even in Eastern Europe and far East”.
In the anniversary of fourty years from his death (2002), the newspaper “Ta nea” in its article titled: “ for more than 60years it saves lives”, marked that “the examination which is named after him( Pap Test),has saved millions of women from cervical cancer.
It is worth mentioning that from the moment it was applied systematically, the deaths due to cervical cancer decreased at 70% in the USA, according to evidence provided by the American Cancer Society”.
Finally the newspaper “Hestia ” in the centenary from his birth (1983), stressed: “the audience that attended the events held in the Academy and Athens University had been really excited. The person in charge of the events was the member of the Academy of Athens, Chairman of the Hellenic Anticancer Institute and personal friend of Dr Pap, Mr N. Louros.
The Centenary events honoured with their presence: the Chairmen of International Academy of Cytology Prof. Mr Mistoubitsi and Professor N. Stormpy, as well as the Chairmen of various European, American and international anticancer organisations and Health organizations and representatives from Cornell University and Papanicolaou Research Institute of Miami. In their speeches everyone of them praised
the scientist and the exceptional man as well”.