National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation /MIET

For nearly half a century Maria Kokkori (niece and biographer of George Papanikolaou) was systematically collecting everything that was related to Dr Pap’s life and his contribution to mankind.
In this way she managed little by little to create an extensive archive, a part of which is posted in this site.
The Archive is compiled of:
• Original and photocopies of letters of G. Papanicolaou directed to his relatives in Greece, as well as to his colleagues
• Resolutions and press releases on the death of G. Papanicolaou
• Greek, greek-american and foreign newspapers issues which referred to G. Papanicolaou and his work
• Publications referring to the rewards and the honours of George Papanicolaou
• Publications referring to the unveiling of busts of Dr Pap
• Publications concerning the foundation and operation of “George Papanicolaou” Hospital in Kymi
• Publications regarding the 30 and 40 – years anniversary from his death and centenary from his birth
• Newsletters and publications on the 10.000 Drachmas banknote in which Papanicolaou is portrayed
• Files, forms, and publications on the issuing of the Greek and American stamp on Dr Pap
• Press releases regarding the films and documentaries that occasionally have been shown on Dr Pap
• Scientific journals and Magazines which include articles on G. Papanicolaou and the Pap-test
• The books that have been written on Dr Pap
• Speeches and interviews given by the spouse of G. Papanicolaou, Mary
• Welcome cards of Papanicolaou couple during their visit in Greece (1957) and letters from clubs and individuals requesting to meet them
• Speeches given by Maria Kokkori in various events held to honour Dr Pap
• Letters of institutions on the nomination of G. Papanicolaou for the Nobel Award
• Newsletters of Kymi Museum and the Museum of Descriptive Anatomy of Athens University, that display exhibits of Dr Pap
• Letter of the Hellenic Medical society of NewYork, regarding the translation Maria’s Kokkori book in English
• Transcript of the Speech given by George Papanicolaou in the Congress of Exfoliative Cytology in Brussels, (12/7/1957)
• Correspondence regarding the renaming of Chalkis Bridge to “George Papanicolaou Bridge”
• Correspondence regarding to the renaming of the extended municipality of Kymi to Municipality “G. Papanicolaou”
• Correspondence concerning the transportation of George Papanicolaou bones to Greece.

On March 20th 2013 Giouli P. Kokkori (niece of G. Papanicolaou), donated the files that her mother Maria kept on George N. Papanicolaou to the in Greek Literary and Historical Archive (E.L.I.A) / Cultural Institution of National Bank of Greece (MIET).
This file includes correspondence, speeches, lectures, magazines, newspapers as well as a huge photographic archive, which is to be classified by ELIA and used according to the applicable legislation on intellectual rights.