Greek Stamps




The 1st stamp that depicted G. Papanicolaou, was released in Greece on August 10, 1973.
The Papanicoloaou series consisted of two classes of 2.5 and 6.5 drs, and a total nominal value of 9 drachmas.
The stamp which was created by Vasiliki Konstantinea, had dimensions 31 Χ43,5 mm.
Τhe newspaper “Acropolis” of the 16th of March 1973, announced the issue of the stamp, saying: “A ministerial decision approved the publication of a series of stamps by the Greek Post services in August 10th 1973, in order to honour the memory of Dr George Papanicolaou, the famous Greek Doctor, whο offered the most to fight cancer”.



On the centenary from his birth (1983) and especially on the 11th of July 1983, the Greek Post services released a new stamp in the series named “Personalities”. The stamp painted by Giorgis Barlamos had dimensions 27 X40 mm and its nominal value was 40 drs.

On the occasion of the publication, the Greek Post services released a booklet in which the following were stressed : “Papanicolaou discovered in the litter of human organism, a entire cellular world, that allows the detection and diagnosis of cancer and other diseases in a stage that can be treated”.