During his early years Dr George Papanicolaou changed a lot of residences.
The fatherly house of Papanicolaou is preserved to date in Kymi and shortly is going to be transformed to a Museum.
As a student of the Medical Faculty of Athens, the famous cytologist resided at 49 Baltetsiou str, in the centre of Athens.
Where George and Mary arrived in N. York in1913, they settled down in a room in 26 West, 116th street.
Later they moved to an apartment at 27th street and Lexington Ave and then at Central Park West,96th Street.
During the fifties, the Papanicolaou couple resided at a comfortable villa in Douglaston, LongIsland, first in the address 368 Beverly road and finally in 104 Knolwood Avenue (1957-61).
The house that was to be the last one for Dr Pap and his wife, is located at 617 East Dilido Drive Miami Beach Florida.