Tens of biographical notes and monographs have been released on the life of Dr Pap.
Some of them were issued in medical journals or magazines, while most extensive ones in luxurious publications.
Indicatively :
• His biography written by Dr Erskine Carmichael
• His biography written by his niece Maria Kokkori – Papanicolaou
• Maria’s Kokkori-Papanicolaou book translated in English, a publication of the Hellenic Medical Society of New York
• His biography written by the professor of History of Medicine, Spyros Marketos
• His biography by the Italian writer, Dr Rocco Broso
• His biography written by Mrs Konstantina Zachou, in the series “Famous Greeks”.
• “Dr Georgios and Mahi-Mary Papanikolaou : collaborating with them in the US”, written by Mrs Neda Boutsa -Perdiki
• The monograph written by Dr Aristidis G. Diamantis and Emm. N. Magiorkinis : “Method Papanikolaou or Pap-test/ the Babes method? From the scientific conflict, to the final end” The book by Dr Aristidis Diamantis: “The scientific work of George N. Papanicolaou, as revised by a modern cytologist”,