Nowadays (2018) the family of George Papanicolaou consists only of the following nephews and nieces :
• Julie (Georgia) Kokkori – Tsamoura, her children Dimitris and Panos and her spouse Manos
• Kathy Stamatiou-Chatzi, her daughters Christina and Maria and her spouse Yannis
• Olga Stamatiou and her spouse Rocco Zappia
• Amfitriti, widower of Kostaros Sarafianos and her children Maria and Tassos
• Nina Stamatiou-Kotsaki and her children Spyros and Nikos
• Konstantinos Stamatiou, his children Constance and Nicholas and his
spouse Barbara
• Yannis Pangalos, his daughters Elli and Anna and his spouse Lela
• Helen Pangalou-Skari and her children Fotis and Elli